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Oracle to Excel

Using a familiar environment, Microsoft Excel, Arquery Oracle to Excel helps you analyze and understand the data stored in Oracle database. With an easy setup and a direct connectivity to live data Arquery Oracle to Excel is a convenient way for data analysis. After installation no IT department will be involved when you want to analyze the data.

For our Business Intelligence project, we chose to implement the ARQUERY solution because it allowed us to have access to data directly from Excel. This approach provides for our partners live and direct access to their data and in the same time gives them the ability to leverage the existing familiarity with Excel. - Poker SpA


PostgreSQL to Excel

Using Arquery PostgreSQL to Excel and Pivot Table you can make the most of your company’s PostgreSQL data warehouse. Excel PivotTable is a full Business Intelligence client application capable of analyzing multidimensional data, creating reports and pivot charts. It helps users visualize and understand better their data.

We’ve worked closely with Arquery’s support team ahead of the launch of this feature and been incredibly impressed with their responsiveness in turning around enhancements and optimizations in support of our release. - The Roberts Group


XMLA Connector

The XMLA Connector from Arquery provides seamless data connectivity between OLEDB for OLAP (ODBO) clients and XMLA data sources. The connector is designed to interface with XMLA compliant data sources such as SAP, Mondrian, Jedox as well as other data sources.


Great software. It has enabled us to use open source BI tools on our company. View all reviews