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New York-based data inventory and cost management software provider The Roberts Group has selected Arquery to power Excel reporting and analytics connectivity for Financial Information Tracking System (FITS), the financial industry’s most comprehensive market data management solution.

The FITS "Analytics Suite" provides a set of advanced capabilities which allow users to perform advanced analytics and data manipulation, create custom visualizations, and interactive dashboards, and explore and present their inventory data.

The core of the Analytics Suite is the new "Pivot Studio" module which provides an advanced spreadsheet-style interface built directly into the FITS web-based application, allowing users to slice, dice and explore their data in a pivot table-style interface.

Although Pivot Studio is designed to fulfill reporting needs without having to use external software, there are always going to be ad-hoc requirements or exceptions where users will want to pull data into Excel.
Richard Mundell, director of Product Strategy & Development

Previously users of FITS would have had to download large quantities of data into Excel in order to manipulate it using a Pivot table. Now, with integration with Arquery’s software, FITS users are able to launch a new Excel sheet containing a pivot table with a live connection back to the data in FITS, all seamlessly powered by XMLA Connect, with a single click from the web application.

"We’ve worked closely with Arquery’s support team ahead of the launch of this feature and been incredibly impressed with their responsiveness in turning around enhancements and optimizations in support of our release." says Mundell. "The combination of Arquery’s technology, their support, and the flexibility of the open source licensing model, has come together to make this both a successful product enhancement and an very painless one to bring into production".

About the Roberts Group

The Roberts Group has spent nearly 20 years bridging the gap between the market data needs of the financial services industry and the technology available to meet those needs. The Roberts Group’s Financial Information Tracking System, or FITS, is the industry’s most comprehensive market data management SaaS solution. Originally developed by financial industry IT veterans, FITS empowers users in highvolume information environments by providing complete expense cost transparency through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that seamlessly blends enterprise-grade functionality with a consumer-style experience.

About Arquery

Building on decades of expertise in business software, Arquery was established as a brand in 2014. Our mission statement is to bring connectivity in the Business Intelligence arena. We do this by implementing open, mature standards and thus interconnecting otherwise disparate products from different vendors. Today our open source ODBO provider is the solution of choice for the most popular open source OLAP engine: Mondrian.