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For our Business Intelligence project, we chose to implement the OLAP solution provided by Arquery because it allowed us to have access to data directly from Excel.

The Deal

This modern and innovative solution provides for our partners live and direct access to their data and in the same time gives them the ability to use Excel.

This approach enable us to leverage the existing familiarity with Excel of our end user. Most important, by using the Pivot Table feature of Excel, it allows for new users to independently create the analysis they need without the intervention of a technician.

Technical Benefits

Although our users have Windows, the OLAP server is also Linux compliant
Follows well known industry standards (XML/A and MDX)
Open backend able to scale out of Oracle (standard) to other database servers.

Commercial Benefits

No need to purchase a minimum number of client licenses
The price drops for relatively small bundles
Flexible partnership deal with an easily achievable sales target.

About Poker SpA

Poker Spa Born in 1980 in a strategic area, in North-Western Italy, Poker designs, develops and markets the ERP system Quasar-x platform UNIFACE/ COMPUWARE and provides products and services, integrated with the product, in person or through the network of business partners and Technical Services. During the first half of the 90s, Poker adopted Oracle as standard database for all its applications. Its software products are working on more than 100 servers in Italy and are used by more than 500 companies. See Website

About Arquery

Building on decades of expertise in business software, Arquery was established as a brand in 2014. Our mission statement is to bring connectivity in the Business Intelligence arena. We do this by implementing open, mature standards and thus interconnecting otherwise disparate products from different vendors. Today our open source ODBO provider is the solution of choice for the most popular open source OLAP engine: Mondrian.